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RULES & Folders (dated Feb 11)

Those rules may be subject to modifications by the staff members.

_Any content submitted must be related to the HetaGame DREAMTALIA.

_Submissions must be of decent quality, and be made to the right folder.

_Except for the Staff's WIP folder, we do not accept WIPs.

_Any medium is accepted: MMD, cosplay, art, photography, etc...

_All submissions must follow the rules of deviantArt.

Folders List & Organization:

-Featured: for the few pieces that the staff wants to promote. Will include the upcoming Youtube series, undubbed and dubbed.
-WIPs Concepts: for the staff's WIP material.
-Game Screenshots: for the screenshots that come directly from the game.
-Cosplay Pictures: If you're crazy enough to cosplay the Dreamtalia Universe, your picture goes there. Along with real life crafts concerning the game.
- Shadow Italy - SINGLE: single pictures of the antagonist of the game
-Cast - Major Characters - SINGLE: single pictures of the members of the heroes' side.
-Arcanas - Other Majors - SINGLE: single pictures of the other side of the cast~
-Group & Pairings: For pictures featuring more than 1 character.
-Fanon Arts and Crossovers: art made by the fans that will not be in the game, either be other things crossed over with the idea of the game or things that are just made up.
-Fan Reactions: Drawn reactions to personal thoughts and actions about the game
-Literature: Mostly for fanfiction, poetry, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Located here -> dreamtalia-official.deviantart…

Group Info

This group was created to be the homepage of all the "official" material related to :iconkyokyo866: and :iconpianodream: 's HetaGame Series:

DREAMTALIA (click to see Staff)

夢タリア "YUMETALIA" Project

Folders for fanarts will be created later on.
Spoiling material will be kept discrete until later on.

This group is to be managed by :iconkyokyo866: and :iconpianodream: .

Staff of the DREAMTALIA Project. (might be changed, add more people, depending on our needs)

:iconkyokyo866: Main writer & game designer, creator of the original game plot & of some of its original characters, Musical Ressources Seeker.
:iconpanic-is-my-rain: Facesets Artist
:iconhubedihubbe: Screenshots Graphics, Battler Artist
:iconskitzen: Sprites Artist, Mapping Programmer, Scripting Artist
:iconpianodream: Main writer & game designer nr.2, Main Programmer, Mapping Programmer, Graphic & Music Ressources Seeker.
:iconcranberrieyogurt: Aid Writer.
:iconkanjoloid: Yumetalia original Music Composer (the OST shall have both original & already existing tracks)
:icondeadly-sweet-cyanide: Script Editor
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Oct 20, 2012


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Here is the place to go if you need some answers to questions that lots of people have asked as well! They were explained on the information board but just in case you accidentally skipped over it, here it is! (You can also ask questions on this thread here we're more than happy to answer them)

Q: What is Dreamtalia?
A: Dreamtalia is a story-centered APHetalia fan-made video game, made in RPG MAKER XP.

Q: When is it coming out?
A: As we don't have a download for the full gameplay, we do have episodes of the chapters of the story up on youtube. Every episode is posted on the 12th of every month, found here:…

Q: Can we play it?
A: From up to Chapters 1-8, yes you can! Info found here:…

Q: Can we be part of the team?
A: Thanks for the offers, but we're not looking for any new staff members at this time, we have just about all our bases covered artistically and the writing down. If we need to look for some extra help, we'll come seeking you if we think you'll be right for the job.

Q: Will there be another episode broadcast?
A: Kyo usually does broadcasts the day before the day it is posted, and since we're back in business, she does them on the 11th of the month, starting the broadcasts at around 7-8 pm Pacific Standard Times.

Q: How the heck do those broadcasts even work? Does she stream the episode right then?
A: Hahahaha, no. How it works that starting at Midnight in eastern Standard time (which makes it 9 pm PST for Kyo), she will stream the episode. She will continue to stream the episode at 10, 11 and also 12 her time, which yes makes 4 showings in all. That way, those who miss one can come to the next one to still be able to see it. However there is bonuses for sticking around, as she shows off things of fanart, videos, and some special sneak peaks of other things during the wait!

Q: Is it okay if we make a video/fanfic/fanart even if this isn't completed?
A: Heck yea! We love all forms of art for this, but be sure to make note that making up your plot/characters it must be noted that it is not canon, like the shadow nations.

Q: What is the plot of the game?
A: A dream creature has whisked Italy away into his perfect paradise to stay forever. However if he does, he will die in the dream world. It is up to Germany and the rest of the axis and allies to go into Italy's mind and save him from his own utopia, along with all of the other prisoners trapped in comas by the creature.

Q: What exactly would you rate this game? What kind of genre is it?
A: I'd say around T+ because of some drastic/scary events, swearing, violence. Ya know. And genre I'd rank it with Fantasy Adventure, with a tablespoon of some scary stuff, surely~

Q: In the gallery, there a section called 'Fauchereve'. What is that?
A: The Fauchereve [Dream Reaper in french] is a dream creature from another dimension, the main antagonist of the game. While that's also known as the Shadow Italy section, the Fauchereve can take many forms so it is open for all of his transformations during the game.

Q:How the heck do you even pronounce Fauchereve?
A: fow-chur-rev

Q: And what about that "Arcana" section? What are Arcanas?
A: Arcanas are servants of the Fauchereve. Named and shaped after the Major Tarot Arcana, they take the form of a nation in a seperate attire, but they are no way the same person as the nations they look like. Not much is known about them other than that. For now.

Q: Does that make them 2p nations? Are they in this game at all?
A: NO.

Q: Whoa! The art in the game is incredible!! Who makes those?
A: Depends which you're talkin about there, friend. The main screenshots and the arcana battlersare made by Hubedihubbe, however in the newer updates to be posted soon they will have been made by OwynSama, the face sets are made by PanicIsMyRain and custom smaller enemy battlers are made by VersusShadow. And the base of the Tarot cards were made by Skitzen

Q: Who are the other dream prisoners?
A: We just don't know, do we?~

Q: But what about the other Arcanas? What are they like, who are they?
A: It's quite a mystery, isn't it?~

Q: What truly is the Fauchereve?
A: Ssssssh~

So far that's all the questions I can remember that quite a few people have asked. If you have any more questions we'll be happy to answer, and if asked enough or if its important enough I'll add it on this list! Thank you for your time and I hope this helps~
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MARRY-ME-BROTHER Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm a bit curious, what is the music used in this game? I know them all except the one used when you fight Finland and I'm so eager to find out what it is but the file on my computer is just ŠÃ’ƒ‚̉¹ŠyH–[ so I'm unsure. 
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Could someone please explain to me what happens when someone gets a feature from a group?
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To get into the "Featured" section of the group, it usually has to be game updates/promotions or contest winners
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That. Explains. SO MUCH! Thank you!Many thanks!Three times the amount of thanks as normal thanks!
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What is dreamtalia about anyways? Is it a video games or....What is it?
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candydandylover Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you!! I even forgot I asked that question >_< so this is a fan made game and its practically rated M
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Good god not M no. Something like PG-15 at best! (for possible violence/horror etc)
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why not?
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