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January 27


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Like I stated on my string of screenshots if ya'll saw them, since we're on hiatus we dont have a monthly sneak peak into the games current look. So instead I decided to do another thing once a month! Trivia! Little fun facts about the behind the scenes of the game and its origins. I'll be updating once every month! Let's get this going!

Fun Fact #1:

Shadow Italy was originally not part of the game.

As in the form of Shadow Italy, the Fauchereve was still very much there, just the thought of a creepy shadow italy wasn't part of the original process. The Fauchereve was not planned to be really sighted until chapter 8 when he appeared as Sweden. It's that reason why Shadow Italy wasn't featured on the title card, it was made before his conception. However one day, Kyo had a odd daydream of Germany having a foreshadowing vision about a really disturbing Italy in order to make him check on Italy to see he was in a coma, Piano digged the idea so Kyo brought up Italy's sprite sheet and just blotted shadows whereever she thought it was cool (though she knew for sure he needed one eye). After that, they planned to only show him in that vision and then never be brought up again, but once they began to mess with him a bit more, Kyo and Piano thought of interesting ways to bring him into the game further and lo and behold he took off as the mascot without a hitch. The original date that Kyo suggested his existance was May 5th, so technically to the creators that is the Fauchereve's "birthday".

Fun Fact #2:

Dreamtalia was based off of a GerIta rp.

That's right! The game you know and love was originally a fluffy roleplay between Kyo and her best friend insertAWESOMENESS, they still rp to this day too! So many wonderful ideas! But around 2009 the two of them started and finished the basic plot of what Dreamtalia was, though spending the next few years creating new conflicts and even making a sequel, which included the Fauchereve. Truth be told, in the original story it was a different dream creature all together! The Fauchereve was added later to be a misunderstood nightmare creature, which can obviously still be shown through his actions in the game. Sometime after Kyo and Piano met, Piano knew they wanted to do a brand new hetagame from scratch, so Kyo decided to offer up a few of her rps as a possible story line, and at last Dreamtalia caught Piano's eye, as long as they made it "a little less gay". As they planned, Piano knew they wanted to make it more of an adventure rpg story, so with some inspiration from Final Fantasy and Persona 3 (which Kyo has never played/seen so she just went with it), the Arcana complex was created and a whole new dreamland was put into place, along with a new style and attitude for the Faucherve (since the original dream creature was too kind to be an antagonist and the Fauchereve's old self was too mentally unstable to function correctly on his own, so they combined traits.) If you would like to see the roleplay's original content, Kyo is posting it up piece by piece with permission every once in a while!:…

Fun Fact #3:

The original Fauchereve was completely different than how he is now.

Sorry about all the info of those guys, just I can't seem to thinbk of many fun facts for the other characters just yet. But yes, the Fauchereve! As I noted in the last post, he wasn't very much like how he was now. He did not possess the powers of going through mirrors, but instead by shadows. He could take the shape of someone's sillouhette and change them to whatever he wanted to look like, so it would be similiar to changing someone's reflection, but instead via shadow. However unlike how he is in the game, he didn't know what the hell he was doing. He did not understand human social culutre in the very slightest. To those whom were abused and seemed very happy with the behavior, he would project the abusive behavior ten fold in thinking it made them happy, when actually it made them crumble even more. Also he had a unique abilitie of when he was carve into his 'victim' enough, it would show up on the other persons body.  And as mentioned before he was incredibly unstable, talking in broken english and could accidentally kill anyone without even registering what was wrong. Granted he kinda still does that but to a much lesser extent. Because of all this, he made a good antagonist compared to the original creature but would be too confused, possessive and violent to actually take the game anywhere, so he fixed him up with new powers and a smarter personality. It's a shame he has changed so much, but I know that we have a secret 2P version of him, and for our own sake we ut his old personality to it. So if anyone ever wondered about a 2P persona of him, yea thatd be about it. though despite being unstable he was still a sweetheart who tried really hard to make friends, but he just kept failing at it.

Fun Fact #4:

Our current art staff was not the original first staff.

We love all of them to death but during a lot of the beginning of the project, we had a lot of artists on board but had to back down because of all of the work they had to do in real life. Originally, Jude was the one who did it all, but after a while it became too much for them so they became happy with just faceset. Our second choice was Friend, the co-creator of the original story, but from university work they couldn't handle balancing all the work with projects, so they were happy to stick with helping Kyo out here and there. And out of sheer bravery Kyo got a talking to Fia and discussed a contract for the game, and so our current round up is here! Since then Fia has left the project, and we hope Owyn can do just as wonderful in her place!

Fun Fact #5:

Nothing is set in stone.

Really it's not, you may think we all have it planned out from start to finish, and granted mostly we do, but everything is subject to change. The Script was made years ago and writing styles and headcanons change over time while things are coded and new ideas are given. Heck a lot of the characters you know now were originally meant to be seen not heard, but what do you know ideas happen! Anything can change, anything can happen! All for the best experience for everyone!

Fun Fact #6:

There is a sub fandom about Canada's rug

You may think I'm kidding, I'm really not. During the broadcast of chapter 2, the seen of Italy appearing in the mirror in Canada's room was going on and the chat was still bustling away. But while Kyo was trying to point out the scene, a user pointed out the rug instead, saying "you know whats great? That rug. that's a great rug" or something along the lines. The chat erupted in talk about the rug and how it was 10/10 favorite character and the best thing in existance.  You would think afterwords it would just be dropped and left to die, right? Absolutely not. Members of the original chat have spread the word about the joke and now its a gigantic inside joke that makes Kyo continued to be confused to this day.

Fun Fact #7:

America's dog originally had a different name.

Something not remembered as often, the battle tutorial of America sending his hound, currently named Alpha, after Germany! In the beginning we made the dogs name Rex, because that was a pretty generic big dog name. Our very first betatester though, Fuyuko, had looked through it and had the idea of 'Alpha' because of the English dub. Some people may get the reference of the name, but some don't. In the English dub of hetalia, America made a comment about a battle strategy called Team Alpha, "like alpha dog! Woof!" said he. So it seemed weird and fitting enough to stick to! Woof!

Check back next month for the next interesting installment of interesting info

(Though since I forgot about July, we'll be having a eighth one going on soon!)
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SaraChanHetalialover Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014  Student Digital Artist
O_O funny fact #2....

that.......................IS SO COOL~!!!!
MedusaLegend Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014
the funny fact n°7 is cute...
Leviathanlover Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Wow it seems like forever since the rug incident XD I really did have a lovely time back then. Hopefully when Dreamtalia goes off hiatus I can go back to appearing in those chats. They were so much fun!
My-minds-world Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Student Writer
I ship Canada's rug and Italy's bookshelf. 
SlightlyCrazyHetalia Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Student General Artist
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mmm yiiiis the rug gets own fact perfect
Beautycrane11 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm pretty sure I was there when the rug thing happened... I left a completely normal conversation for a few minutes and come back completely mind-blown and amazingly confused about why everyone was talking about a rug... XD
FelicianoVargas8D Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014
So that's how the rug fandom started. XD
Laurranis Featured By Owner May 25, 2014
These facts are really cool to learn from of how much progress you guys made for the game~! It's hard to have a plot be original while writing it the story always will lead the writers though it's own kind of thoughts. The plot is excellent anf amazing and I can't wait to hear more from you amazing people! :D
synneofthesun Featured By Owner May 23, 2014
I wish I'd known his birthday sooner! I'd have made him a decorated cake (like I do for America every 4th of July). Hm... Maybe I still will...
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