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December 12, 2012


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Here is the place to go if you need some answers to questions that lots of people have asked as well! They were explained on the information board but just in case you accidentally skipped over it, here it is! (You can also ask questions on this thread here we're more than happy to answer them)

Q: When is it coming out?
A: As we don't have a download for the full gameplay, we do have episodes of the chapters of the story up on youtube. Every episode is posted on the 12th of every month, found here:…; however since we have reached a point where we have released what we could so far!

Q: Can we play it?
A: From up to Chapters 1-8, yes you can! Info found here:…

Q: Can we be part of the team?
A: Thanks for the offers, but we're not looking for any new staff members at this time, we have just about all our bases covered artistically and the writing down. If we need to look for some extra help, we'll come seeking you if we think you'll be right for the job.

Q: Will there be another episode broadcast?
A: Kyo usually does broadcasts the day before the day it is posted. But when the hiatus is hit, there will not be any until it is up again.

Q: Wait a second, did you say hiatus?
A: That's right I did. More info in here! dreamtalia-official.deviantart…

Q: Is it okay if we make a video/fanfic/fanart even if this isn't completed?
A: Heck yea! We love all forms of art for this, but be sure to make note that making up your plot/characters it must be noted that it is not canon, like the shadow nations.

Q: What is the plot of the game?
A: A dream creature has whisked Italy away into his perfect paradise to stay forever. However if he does, he will die in the dream world. It is up to Germany and the rest of the axis and allies to go into Italy's mind and save him from his own utopia, along with all of the other prisoners trapped in comas by the creature.

Q: What exactly would you rate this game? What kind of genre is it?
A: I'd say around T+ because of some drastic/scary events, swearing, violence. Ya know. And genre I'd rank it with Fantasy Adventure, with a tablespoon of some scary stuff, surely~

Q: In the gallery, there a section called 'Fauchereve'. What is that?
A: The Fauchereve [Dream Reaper in french] is a dream creature from another dimension, the main antagonist of the game. While that's also known as the Shadow Italy section, the Fauchereve can take many forms so it is open for all of his transformations during the game.

Q:How the heck do you even pronounce Fauchereve?
A: fow-chur-rev

Q: And what about that "Arcana" section? What are Arcanas?
A: Arcanas are servants of the Fauchereve. Named and shaped after the Major Tarot Arcana, they take the form of a nation in a seperate attire, but they are no way the same person as the nations they look like. Not much is known about them other than that. For now.

Q: Does that make them 2p nations? Are they in this game at all?
A: NO.

Q: Whoa! The art in the game is incredible!! Who makes those?
A: Depends which you're talkin about there, friend. The main screenshots and the arcana battlersare made by Hubedihubbe, the face sets are made by PanicIsMyRain and custom smaller enemy battlers are made by VersusShadow. And the base of the Tarot cards were made by Skitzen

Q: Who are the other dream prisoners?
A: We just don't know, do we?~

Q: But what about the other Arcanas? What are they like, who are they?
A: It's quite a mystery, isn't it?~

Q: What truly is the Fauchereve?
A: Ssssssh~

So far that's all the questions I can remember that quite a few people have asked. If you have any more questions we'll be happy to answer, and if asked enough or if its important enough I'll add it on this list! Thank you for your time and I hope this helps~
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i keep trying to get the demo but it keep not working Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon 
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What does it do? Did you install the RPG Xp RTP?
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its 2014 is the game downloadable yet?
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Read the journals and you'll know.
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